Thesis on body modification discrimination

Should the Anti Discrimination Act be changed to include body modifications? You could fear the dangers of piercings; you could also worry about the hazards of lightning or being eaten by wolves, all of which have happened but are highly implausible. Tattooing and piercing are one of the many ways through which youth may express their identity, for they are symbolic representations of how the self is conceived or understood.

They can be removed at any time with little or no scaring. In the world today, people are at a constant struggle with each other over employment.

After any such experience, you are bound to look at life in a different, and possibly better way. Another risk of piercings is keloids, or scar formations.

They were first found in the Middle East 4, years ago. Almost everyone has been tempted to get a tattoo or piercing, but did you ever ask your self why you wanted one? Too many people will be unemployable if employers continued to be allowed to discriminate against those that have tattoos.

A small tattoo was once considered taboo. This is important because, as previously stated, the burden of proof of hardship will lie on the employer. The last two to three decades have brought a significant change in the minds of women.

Recently, people have been petitioning to get the Anti Discrimination Act to include body modifications as something that can no longer be discriminated against. This avant-garde [piercing] is holding up the body as one of the last bastions where individual freedom can be expressed" Liotard.

Because culture in Western society only allows for pain in instances of accidents and pregnancy, people find other ways of experiencing such pain. Tattooing is commonly cited as a tribal badge that signifies identity with the likes of military personnel, prisoners, gangs motorcycle, street, criminal organizations, etc.

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Along with various other facets of style, body modification becomes a medium of identity, as well as a source of spirituality, subversion, reclamation, and empowerment. People have found many different places and ways to tattoo or pierce their body.

Louis Post-Dispatch 11 June The benefits to body piercings are endless. As I get older I frequently ask myself, "Why did I get this tattoo? Each of us is qualified to a high level in our area of expertise, and we can write you a fully researched, fully referenced complete original answer to your essay question.

Now more and more women are getting tattoos. Sharon Upton, owner of a San Antonio tattoo and body piercing studio confirms, "Most infections are usually caused by the person being pierced, not by the piercer" Cantalano.

This woman had a very professional job, and had her company seen her tattoos her would have been fired on the spot. But just as those arguments have subdued so too will the debate over uncommon piercings.

Most piercings originated as symbols of wealth or courage. This survey shows that the majority of pierces are well educated contrary to popular belief.

One person is more qualified than the next and employers want to hire the best person for the job. Where do you think that they get this? We are looking for people who like to express themselves" Hudson. Many employers still chose eliminate prospective and current workers based on piercings.

If the Act is changed, should there be limitations on what can and can not be discriminated against? Someone with skulls and images of hate all over their body might send out a scary or intimidating message.

Unfortunately people are very stereotypical and do judge a book by its cover. The same safety pins holding clothes together pierce noses, cheeks, and other parts of the face and body.

Likewise, a woman who receives a piercing can be subject to immediate dismissal from work or school. Being mostly middle aged white guys; their reactions were mostly predictable. Tattoos and piercings used to only be for the rebellious, now a day you see doctors, lawyers, and even grandparents getting tatted up.

Is it unconstitutional to grant these people their right to freedom of expression, but then discriminate against them once they choose to use it?Body Modification Body modification and adornment is a universal culture.

Body adornment and modification is a very broad subject, ranging from ceremonial body paint to amputation of appendages. 3/5(6). Below is an essay on "Body Modification" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The subject of body piercing is a much-heated debate. Conservative parents view it as threat, while younger generations use body modifications to express themselves. Tattoos and Piercings: Issues of Body Modification and the Workplace Tattoos are becoming very common in today’s society.

Summary and Response Essay on Tattoos and Piercings: Issues of Body Modification and the Workplace

a list of nine points for employers to consider before putting dress codes in place that restrict tattoos or other body modifications. The list includes tips that will help the employer avoid discrimination lawsuits by.

Sep 06,  · Body Modification: The New Victim of Discrimination September 6, by engapothecaryofthoughts Discrimination against people with body modifications is not anything new. Body Modification 2 In today’s society, people are significantly embracing the style of body modification.

It appears that no matter where one is in the world, it is impossible to evade the reality of body art; the appearance of tattoos and piercings.

It has become a fundamental part of our society. Body Piercing. The subject of body piercing is a much-heated debate. Conservative parents view it as threat, while younger generations use body modifications to express themselves.

This controversy is inevitable. But a problem occurs when body piercings become the basis for discrimination.

Thesis on body modification discrimination
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