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Literature Review8 The articles did a good job at looking at the different categories including, financial, academic, and emotional issues that stem from single parenting.

In each of the categories, the percentage of children who had done these things from a single parent household, was consistently higher than the percentages of those raised by both parents.

The Consequences of Single Motherhood. National Study of Adolescent Health After interviewing 5, children aged between five and 16 in and again last year, the researchers found that 3 per cent had developed problems over that time.

After looking at the findings from the different sources, it can be said that it is a fact that single-parent households are worse off financially than households with both parents. This is a pattern that is also consistent when it comes to dropping out.

Retrieved 04,from http: Literature Review Single Parenthood: In conclusion, after viewing these articles, there is much evidence to support the thesis that children from single parent households suffer in comparison to households in which both parents reside with their children.

The statistics make it easy to dismiss the reason behind the negative results, as opposed to hearing from children who are being raised by single parents to hear how they feel and why they feel they are suffering in certain aspects.

Economic Viewpoint In each articledifferent points were made about the financial hardships that children from single-parent households may experience and how it was much more likely they would experience them in comparison to children raised in a household with two parents.

They are twice as likely to drop out of high school, 2. How to Write a Summary of an Article? Possible research topics could be how single-parent families differ in their structure or financially, in contrast to households with two parents.

Also in his article, Amato says that children from single-parent households have more exposure to stress, through many circumstances such as dealing with the financial burden, the inter-parental conflicts and in many cases having to move homes after the separation of parents.

Literature Review5 In a chart from the National Study of Adolescent Healthstatistics can still show how there is a visible difference in the patterns of children raised by a lone parent, versus children raised by two.

The Future of Children.

It is important to realize that not all children that are raised by single parents, have never been raised by two parents. Another suggestion for the articles would be to gather more personal information from children of single-parent households, rather than cold statistics.

What Are Some Topic Ideas for a Research Paper on Single-Parent Families?

This Week in Poverty: This is not only for the parents taking care of their children, but for the academic and social development of the children as stated by Amato Though not all single-parents are mothers, but Tim Casey, a senior staff attorney at Legal Momentum, the U. Nineteen percent of children raised by two parents had repeated a grade, compared to 30 percent of those raised by a single parent had repeated a grade, Literature Review4 Academic Viewpoint Academically, the studies provide information which states that children from single-parent families do worse academically than those raised by both parents.

Literature Review2 This paper will look at the different research that has already been conducted on single parenthood.

Articles may also discuss the impact of single parent households on children, in terms of psychological impact, academic results, social and financial standings using statistics found in their research.

Amato makes the observation that many differences between children raised in single-parent households versus children raised with both parents can be explained by the financial difference brought on by a single income.

Single Parenthood: Literature Review

This can partly be credited due to the high exposure to stress, stated above. Work Cited Kaufmann, G. This shows that children are obviously impacted by the loss of contact, which can be compared to grief.

In her article, Sara McLanahan says that family disruption is not the same in all families and risk of failure in school varies among different American nationalities:A Review of the Literature on Existent Supports for Single Parent Caregivers to: •Develop a profile of single parent caregivers; •Identify and assess gaps in programs and services offered to single parent.

Single Parenthood: Literature Review 2 This paper will look at the different research that has already been conducted on single parenthood.

Possible research topics could be how single-parent families differ in their structure or financially, in. [tags: Article Review] Good Essays words | ( pages) | It generated different viewpoints from different literature, and suggested an approach to meet the needs of single-parents.

Single Parent Home] Strong Essays words | ( pages) | Preview. A Life Ended Before it Even had the Opportunity to Live - How would. Essay on “The Roles of a Single Mother” Type of paper: Essays Subject: Society & Family Words: Mothers are arguably some of.

Being raised in a single parent home can lead to delinquency, regardless if it was Fair Use Policy; Help Centre Literature Review Service; Other Services; Marking Services; Report Writing Service or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays.

The family is. - Literature Review Determining how single parent households effect unhealthy relationship formation is a way to compare adolescents, who grew up in single-parent households, to adolescents who grew up in two parent households, and how they develop relationships with each other.

Single parent literature review essays
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