Literary essays of thomas merton

Even his books on Asian religions develop Eastern refinements on insights he had already developed from a Western point of view—inner peace and how to achieve it.

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The style of this book is engaging Thirty Poems Thirty Poems contains poems that Merton wrote during his secular years after his conversion to Roman Catholicism and during his first years as a novice at Gethsemani. With Camus the insight matures Two Faulkner lectures achieve this status because of previous transcriptions for Katallagete Padovano does not spare the early works of Merton: The domesticated Merton of the s and s, nostalgically still venerated by Roman Catholic pietists and triumphalists, is definitively dismantled The analogy with John Henry Newman in the nineteenth century is strained My Argument with the Gestapo The mapping of his journey through the decade traces an extraordinary legacy of cultural transition His poetry, however, is amazingly diverse.

Thomas Merton: Selected Essays (Softcover Edition)

He ventures even more provocative analysis of the "convert syndrome" that initially seized Merton There was always another side to the mountain He was vehement in his opposition to the Vietnam War, to the nuclear arms race, to racial oppression.

His explication of the themes of fraternity and loneliness at the heart of the poem are invaluable keys He serves readers with an equally engaging analysis of the biographically important, posthumously published novel Reading them, it is hard to think of him as only a "guilty bystander," to use the title of one of his many collections of essays.

The closest he comes to a definition is to coin a new term, the "sapiential" rather than "religious" which he is wary to tag on every profound work of art Meditation is the discovery of "Who I am" and "God as He is All the more reason to herald the advent of a hidden indeed muted but essential Merton, the litterateur The thirty short poems are composed in a lyric mode, mainly on religious themes.

At Gethsemani, he wrote his famous autobiography, "The Seven Storey Mountain" ; there he labored and prayed through the days and years of a constant regimen that began with daily prayer at 2: The only mountain that conquered him was the one that had no more faces, no new sides, no further summits His prose never registered the changes as radically as did his poetry," Padovano judges The definition of poetry Merton found there fit his own enterprise like a glove: The latter provides an interpretive key But since so many occasional Merton interests find a place in this volume, I wish that some of the taped lectures on Rainer Maria Rilke had been transcribed and included It will surely remain for a monastic writer to ferret out and communicate this dimension I find the earliest sustained study, Pasternak, pivotal A concluding chapter on Zen and the Birds of Appetite and the Asian trip brings us to appreciate the growing influence of Zen on his life and study It would be redundant for reviewers of Merton to remark how unsystematic his writing remains Each of seven essays is independent The embargoed text, heretofore available only to scholars,is not only generously quoted in a chapter of selected excerpts by Shannon His working life was spent as a Trappist monk.

Unlike many other poets, Merton has more than one thing to say, and much of the aesthetic enjoyment of reading his work is hearing him discover a voice suitable to his subjects.The Literary Essays Of Thomas Merton Nonfiction by Thomas Merton.

The Literary Essays of Thomas Merton

As wide a following as the late Thomas Merton had while he lived, ever since his tragic accidental death in Bangkok inthere has been a steady upsurge of interest in both his life and writings.

The Literary Essays of Thomas Merton: Thomas Merton burst upon the American literary scene in with his best-selling Seven Storey: Kramer, Dewey Weiss: Christianity and Literature (Spring ): Dewey Weiss Kramer: The Literary essays of Thomas Merton: With the publication of this hefty volume the Merton shelf grows yet longer.

The Literary Essays of Thomas Merton/Thomas Merton's Dark Path/The Human Journey: Kilcourse, George.

The Literary Essays of Thomas Merton/Thomas Merton's Dark Path/The Human Journey:


As a prose writer who published more than forty volumes of autobiography and theology, Thomas Merton is surprisingly homogenous, dealing. --Christine M. Bochen, editor, Thomas Merton: Essential Writings Patrick F.

O'Connell is professor in the department of English and theology at Gannon University, Erie, Pennsylvania. A founding member and former president of the International Thomas Merton Society, he edits The Merton Seasonal and is coauthor of The Thomas Merton Encyclopedia. Merton wrote over 60 books, scores of essays and reviews, and is the ongoing subject of many biographies.

The literary essays of Thomas Merton

Merton was also a proponent of int Thomas Merton was one of the most influential Catholic authors of the 20th century/5(11).

Literary essays of thomas merton
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