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The members of the Whig party and the liberals played a prominent role in passing this Act; therefore their supremacy was established in place of the Whigs. In the short term, it avoided bloody revolution, strengthened and stabilised the current social and political situation and granted a fairer and Great reform act essay democratic system.

Even the contested seats were not free of corruption. As a result of Great reform act essay Reform Act the political power slipped into the hands of the middle class in the towns and the rural area also.

Alfred earned his through establishing stable change, peace and improvement. In the same ways, the reform act of warranted the title. Seats to these were elected, and fought over by the middle class; it became a local, middle class led parliament. This Act did not make any arrangement for secret ballot system, equality of constituencies and payment of salary to the members of the Parliament.

The fact that the reform act averted revolution and mass bloodshed heightened its greatness. This truly makes the reform act great: The Chandos amendment, which enfranchised tenants in county seats, was another device to maintain landed support: The greatness of the act does not rest in these initial modest increases in representation, it is the fact that these small increases foretold of much larger ones in the future, that would eventually bring about a fairer, more democratic government.

Even after the reform bill was repeatedly modified, Now, with over half the seats contested, general elections became far more significant.

Britain had never been so close to revolution in October It was clear that there was support for reform, but the time was not right.

Despite the lack of reform petitions between andthe desire for reform was not dead. The relief, satisfaction and joy that followed, in itself made the act deserving of its title. In the constitutional history of England, it proved to be an era of significance.

Thus revolution was avoided, and an even stronger government with greatly increased middle class support was established. The greatness of the reform act was more about its context that its contents. Despite this obvious alarm bell, Wellington would not budge from his anti-reform stance.

As result they averted a long and bloody revolution, maintained tradition and social structure that defined Britain and was so important to it, and began a long road to gradual, subtle, yet effectual change, that would culminate in democracy.

Short Essay on the Significance of Reform Act of 1832

In case of conflict, the king was forced to support the House of Commons and he had to act according to the wishes of the prime minister. The landlords were compelled to cooperate with the middle class people due to their decreased influence.

The break-up of the Tory party period changed the issue of reform from being a partially necessary luxury for many people to being imperative in order to avert revolution.

The reform act was great for many reasons, one of the most important was that it was a victory for the common people of Britain after such a long war against the government. This Act failed to remove corruption and bribery.

To What Extent Does the Reform Act of 1832 Deserve Its Title “Great”? Essay Sample

Demerits of Reform Act Undoubtedly, this was a revolutionary Act but the reformists were not satisfied with the Reform Act. The reform act of was not revolutionary, as it did not introduce new ideas; it instead brought old ideas into practice. The anomalies more tell us about the mood of fear at the time among the nobility rather than souring our view of the reform act.

His rigid stance against reform increased public desperation for it. Much of the greatness resides in the fact that finally, parliament overcame their fear of reform in order to do what was best for their country.

The situation was far more serious than the s or ; the repressive legislation that had worked then would not here.The reform act of was a turning point to the extent that it "it opened the floodgates of reform".

As the government had intended the electoral system was modified, not transformed, parliament was still representing the interests of the people and not the people themselves.

The Great Reform Act passed in was brought in due to a number of inside and outside pressures. For example, the fall of the Tories and the economic crisis of Britain pre was known as one of the most unrepresentative countries.

Essay about Explain Why the Great Reform Act of Was Passed Explain why the great reform act of was passed A major factor in the passing of the great reform act was the old electoral system, which was extremely unorganised and unfair.

Tory members named it a revolutionary act because it shook up the roots of ancient conventions. Famous historian, Trevelyan has called it, 'The Modern Magna Charta'.

In fact the first Reform Bill was a great document of 82 provisions. The following were some of the significant effects of the Reform Act of 1. Essay on How Significant Was the Great Reform Act of ? How significant was the Great Reform Act of ? The Great Reform Act passed in was brought in due to a number of inside and outside pressures.

Why Disraeli Passed the Second Reform Act Essay example. Why Disraeli Passed the Second Reform Act The Second Reform Act was an extremely intelligent piece of politics and demonstrated how clever Disraeli was as a politician, the act itself would enable Disraeli to the gain power amongst the Commons.

Great reform act essay
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