Emerging markets strategy nokia life tools

Targeted at the rural consumers, the NLT service offered a range of services in the areas of agriculture, education, and entertainment. The company settled on a low price model with an innovative billing cycle for NLT.

As manufacturers brought down smartphone prices, sales doubled in this segment, and the lucrative Indian market witnessed several new global entrants.

Emerging Markets Strategy: Nokia Life Tools for Rural Markets

In doing so, Nokia not only tapped the growing potential offered by the rural population but also sought to address the information gaps in the rural community. The results of the test phase showed that farmers and students, in particular, had benefited through this service.

Taking its rural thrust forward, Nokia planned to offer value added services VAS through its mobile handsets to the rural consumers. Internet connectivity was essential for high-end phones. The Mobile Phone Boom: Was the optimism of the EMS team justified, given that several crucial elements of the new ser vice were still works in progress?

The question was whether the fruit would turn out to be sweet or bitter. The students benefited by learning the English language and gaining local, national, and international general knowledge.

Mobile phones were sold by general stores as well as high-end concept stores, depending on their price and customer segment. The Nokia Life Tools Pilot A study by Nokia revealed that rural consumers wanted their mobile phones to provide ser vices that could benefit their employment prospects and income.

Nokia’s Strategy in the Emerging Markets

Nokia had two billing options for NLT: Should Nokia India launch the NLT ser vice based on the encouraging results of the recently-concluded pilot programme? Nokia planned to roll out the NLT service in more states of India and also in other emerging markets. Industry Leader Nokia made its debut in India inachieving a formidable As Nokia relied on the ser vices business to drive future growth, it planned to charge a fee for its NLT ser vice.

The farmers could access the latest information on crops, weather, market prices of seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides, etc.

Over the years, it extended its support to the rural markets by launching several low-end phones that rural consumers found affordable. This question had to be answered before the impending national roll-out.

July 7, Share This Page tweet D. He was confident that once this was established, subsequent monetisation would not be an issue. The NLT national roll-out, thus, appeared to be a low hanging fruit that was ready to be grabbed.

Subsequently, in Novemberthe company launched a pilot program for testing its NLT service in Maharashtra. Nokia began its focus on the rural markets in India in when it launched a mobile handset with features such as longer battery life, one-touch flashlight, etc.

Running a pre-paid management system would require additional channel investments and would put Nokia and the operators in direct competition for ser vice dollars.The Vice President and Managing Director, Nokia India must decide whether to do an all-India launch of the latest Nokia service offerings for emerging markets called Nokia Life Tools (NLT).

Lagos, Nigeria – Nokia today announced that Ovi Life Tools, its leading emerging market information service, is now available in Nigeria – one of Africa’s fastest growing economies and the continent’s largest mobile market.

Nokia Life Tools: Farmers and students can get relevant local information on seeds, crops, markets and weather through SMS. Advantages include information in two languages simultaneously, easy icon-based user interface and availability of critical information without a GPRS connection.

In mid, Finland-based telecom giant, Nokia Corporation (Nokia) launched its Nokia Life Tools (NLT) service in the state of Maharashtra in India. Analysts viewed it as the company's bid to expand its rural base in the country.

Targeted at the rural consumers, the NLT service offered a range of services in the areas of agriculture, education, and entertainment.

Nokia’s Strategy in the Emerging Markets. Jan 8, This article highlights Nokia’s Strategy in the Emerging Markets and its latest service offerings in the Indian rural market like the Nokia Life Tools, Mail on Ovi and other education services. The vice-president and managing director, Nokia India, must decide whether to do an all-India launch of Nokia's newest service offering for the emerging markets called Nokia Lifetools (NLT).

Emerging markets strategy nokia life tools
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