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Of course, Victor chooses to distance himself from his fellow man, leaving his father, Elizabeth and his family by themselves deliberately to pursue his scientific research. Once he decides to run away to Geneva to forget about what has been done he finds out that his youngest brother has been strangled to death in Geneva.

The novel ends with the two chasing each other around the Arctic trying to kill each other but also strangely attached and dependent on each other. Both characters are recluses, shunning or shunned by civilisation.

The creature, abandoned and alone, must make a way for himself and learn about the world around him. This is an excellent question to consider, because one of the aspects of this Gothic novel that is so interesting is the way that Shelley creates a series of relationships that feature the "double" or the "doppleganger.

Victor fails to take responsibility for his creation, and in a sense, is a terrible father. After he brings the creature to life he becomes terrifies by what has been brought to life. The monster learns that the way Victor created him is the reason Compare and contrast essays for frankenstein all of the hardships he endures.

Ultimately, Shelley raises the question of which character is the hero and which is the villain. Frankenstein could not even been accepted physically because physical appearance is so important for the society. Victor initially consents but later destroys the unfinished female creature.

By doing so he starts a chain of tragic events. However, once he becomes interested in the processes of life and death, he becomes obsessed with his project of creating life in something that was once dead.

However, when he finally approaches the father, they are interrupted by the rest of the family, who are horrified. However, when we begin to think about it, there do appear to be a number of similarities between the two characters.

The creator that has been created by Viktor Frankenstein is not a monster but Viktor Frankenstein is one in the first place. He seeks his creator out to try to persuade him to build him a female companion. The monster does not choose to shun man but is shunned by them.

He is horrified by his creature and abandons him. Both the creature and Victor are intelligent and inherently good at the start of their lives.

This symbol represents the depth of the personal tragedy and the inability of human beings to take responsibility for their actions. At first glance, Victor and his creation appear to have very little in common. It is the tragedy of loneliness and fighting alone with the world.

He is initially a kind-hearted being, but his hideous appearance scares people, so his true nature is never really understood. If you give life to somebody as a parent or create a life like Viktor Frankenstein you have to know beforehand what to do with it and be able to take full responsibility for giving the best to your creation.

Physically, they are poles apart, with the monster being very tall and strong and of a terrible physical appearance that repels those around him, making it impossible for him to establish relationships. Both characters have positive qualities, but both have also committed sins and crimes.

Viktor realizes that he is afraid and depressed as he does not know what to do with this creature and he rejects his own creation.

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So much has been done, exclaimed the soul of Frankenstein-more, far more, will I achieve: This ironic reversal, as well as the similarities between Victor and his creature, highlight the ways in which humans can sometimes be "monsters.

As the novel goes, the reader realizes that the real monstrous actions are made by Viktor Frankenstein: Secondly, both show themselves to be thinking, rational and intelligent creatures.

I can hardly describe to you the effect of these books. They produced in me an infinity of new images and feelings that sometimes raised me to ecstasy, but more frequently sunk me into the lowest dejection.

Compare and contrast Victor and the monster in Frankenstein.

The family leads him to aspire to great human virtue.Compare and contrast the Victor Frankenstein to his creation. Which of these characters is the hero of the book? Was that Mary Shelley's intension?Using specific examples from the text.

This essay will compare and contrast the "Frankenstein" extract and the poem, "The Rime of the Ancyent Marinere" in three aspects, namely the narrating voice, the themes and the literary techniques used. A Look At Frankenstein English Literature Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Frankenstein, brought into the world as an “infant”, knows nothing of life.

From the moment Victor looks at him, he shows disgust at the image his eyes behold and disowns Frankenstein. This remains as Frankenstein’s first memory of his experiences as a.

Get an answer for 'Compare and contrast Victor and the monster in Frankenstein.' and find homework help for other Frankenstein questions at eNotes. Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” and the Scientific Revolution essay Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” is a product of this revolution.

Mary Shelley is one of those authors and her work “Frankenstein” is a loud scream against putting science on. As a result, in contrast with Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, the film Mary Shelly's Frankenstein () directed by Kenneth Branagh successfully presents far more attractive gothic elements, including space as it is experienced by the characters, the endings of the plot, and moral lessons about family issues.3/5(3).

Compare and contrast essays for frankenstein
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