Civil disobedience essay prompt

You may wish to assign these final questions for homework or as an in-class writing activity. Thoreau saw the war as one that would simply lead to the expansion of slave territory in the United States, and therefore in his view was an immoral undertaking. Am I alone in the act or part of an organization?

Page 1 of 6. It is hard to find a common ground between Henry Thoreau and George Fitzhugh, but they share similar views Did the acts bring the issues into focus for the public? From what you have read, do the protesters seem genuinely committed to stopping the war, or could they be motivated by something else?

Sociology of the South essays Civil Disobedience vs. Was I successful in bringing attention to the issue? Throughout this whole process it is only a selected few in the population of a country who actually get to review a law and put their opinions and ideas surrounding the issue.

Given the chance, would I do it again? Did I receive publicity, recognition or notoriety? Part IV Have the students address the assigned articles by composing an essay response. Parks broke the law — at the time, in Montgomery, Ala. As a result of not paying the tax, Thoreau was arrested and spent a night in jail, an experience that later proved seminal to his famous essay, On the Duty of Civil Disobedience.

When a person is detained for speaking up for what they believe in, in a nonviolent way, then that is where the authorities are wrong.

However, people can still rationalize some forms of civil disobedience — exactly What policy or law am I protesting and why? Urge the class to be sincere and thorough in their explorations of the experience, and as a guide you may have them address the following questions: To guide the investigation, the students may use the following questions: Allow them time to take notes on the readings which may be assigned prior to the lesson.

Sociology of the South Examining two pieces of writing from US history, we see two writers with strong polar backgrounds agreeing on minor issues of the time.

Civil Disobedience essays "I heartily accept the motto, "That government is best when it governs least. Was a law or policy changed as a result? It is seldom mentioned without references to historical leaders Gandhi and Are they truly altruistic, or am I seeking something for myself?

Civil Disobedience, and Other Essays Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

On the subject of human rights, two specific men have expanded their thoughts to Either individually or in groups, have the students read the background information, the articles provided and the list of famous quotations regarding civil disobedience.

Thoreau was arrested for refusing to pay a poll tax, since he believed the money generated from the tax would be used to fund the Mexican War, a campaign with which he was at odds. Am I a better person for it now? Civil disobedience essays Civil disobedience is wrong. In the confines of this relatively short work, he compacts his ideas, philosophies, and thoughts If you were to offer an opposing argument to Sheehan and other like-minded people, what would be your main point?

To guide the essay, you may wish to pose questions such as the following: What sacrifices would one need to make to commit an act of passive resistance? Writing about civil disobedience Have the students consider a situation in which they might use civil disobedience and then ask them to reflect on the experience in a journal.

What was achieved by the act? Was breaking the law worth what was accomplished?

Civil Disobedience In-Class Essay Prompt -- Transcendentalism

Civil Disobedience as defined in the dictionary Civil Disobedience essays Throughout American history, it is clear that many individuals have fought for justice in a society that has often denied it. Civil Disobedience Essay: King and Thoreau Civil disobedience is a force needed to purify the condemnation of injustices within a society Civil disobedience can be defined as the refusal to comply with certain laws as a peaceful form of political protest.

AP® ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND COMPOSITION SCORING GUIDELINES The essay’s focus moves to the civil rights movement in the third paragraph. Discussing the “Montgomery Bus Strikes and Freedom Riders,” the AP English Language and Composition Student Samples from the Exam: Question 3 Keywords: AP English.

We the Students Essay Prompt: What are essential qualities of a citizen in your community in 21st century America?

This year we are asking you to dig deep and make your scholarship essay personal. A citizen comes in many shapes and sizes.

Some serve their community by voting and participating in political events. Others [ ]. As a result of not paying the tax, Thoreau was arrested and spent a night in jail, an experience that later proved seminal to his famous essay, On the Duty of Civil Disobedience.

Civil disobedience essay prompts Those who work in government can’t see what is wrong because they are a part of it. To develop this theme for his essay, Thoreau uses techniques like personal examples, allusions, and specific examples to the government.

This is an in-class essay prompt for Thoreau's "Civil Disobedience". This prompt asks for a one page typed essay in which students not only analyze and evaluate Thoreau's ideas, but use his thoughts to synthesize their own opinions about modern situations.

The students are given two prompts from which to choose.

Civil disobedience essay prompt
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