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There are now has at least 22 books published either under her own name, or the pseudonym, Jane Ballard. After writing two nonfiction books for middle-school readers, Gorman moved into fiction.


In Dork on the Run, Jerry decides to run for class president even though his opponent is a popular kid who will stop at nothing to scare, embarrass, and humiliate Jerry.

It was so realistic that I felt as if this was something that could have happened while I was in middle school. Gorman has endowed Jerry and his sidekick Brenda with believable personalities and moments of quiet triumph and self-satisfaction. Also author of adult books under pseudonym Jane Ballard; ghostwriter for mystery series books.

Sieruta praised the novel for featuring a "fast-paced story that will appeal to the dork in us all. After getting suspended a number of times and getting in trouble at school, the new principal comes up with a new solution to try and resolve the issues between the boys.

The boys also participate in a dare game, which gets them into some deep trouble, and discover an underground tunnel in the school. More to the point, she thinks most preteens suffer moments when they feel like dorks or are convinced that they look like a dork.

A Tale of Two Bullies, p. Instead he discovers the friendship of Brenda, a female dork who recognizes Jerry as one of her own. Personal life[ edit ] Gorman was born Carol Maxwell [1] in Iowa City, Iowathe daughter and second child of a pediatrician and a homemaker. Presenter at writing workshops and at elementary and middle schools; part-time instructor, Coe College.

Sieruta, review of Dork in Disguise, p. Findley to write Stumptown Kid, a novel set in rural Iowa in When the student council decides to put on an Elizabethan Faire, which ties into the Shakespeare they are studying in class, it seems like a fun project.

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While getting to learn about each other in the game room, the boys learn about each others lives and realize that underlying issues at home are what is really causing the issues between the boys and they begin to see through the light and come together to help one another out.

The text by Gorman identifies it as her role. Stahler, review of Lizard Flanagan, Supermodel? Maddox, the principal, thinks it is the perfect solution and he decides to give it a go.

DeCandido, review of Lizard Flanagan, Supermodel? They harbor feelings of hate towards each other. It is surprising what you can learn about someone while playing a game. In the meantime, her husband was having success as an author of adult mysteries, and he suggested she try writing for children.

She dreamed of becoming an actress, and while studying at the University of Iowawas cast in the lead of both West Side Story and Peter Pan. Another Gorman creation, fictional heroine Lizard Flanagan got her nickname when her brother could not pronounce "Elizabeth.

Then she admits it: She has devoted much of her writing to mystery and suspense novels for children. The enforced games escalate to dares outside the classroom, which both boys ultimately come to regret.

Sieruta, review of Dork on the Run, p. As a student she gravitated to the stage and won leading roles in college dramas such as West Side Story and Peter Pan.

Voice of Youth Advocates, February,C. She was raised there with her sister and two brothers. University of IowaB. Rogers, review of Dork in Disguise, p. From that spark, Gorman created middle schoolers Mick and Boot, whose constant pressures from home spill into their school lives and cause them to get into frequent fist fights.

However, when Jerry discovers that former bully Craig Fox is abusing a small dog, he promises to do anything to get Craig to give the puppy up, including dressing in a skirt for the faire.

Gorman, Carol 1952–

Tabitha usually is the drive for their fights in the story, because both boys want her to think of them, the hero.Games (Carol Gorman) at Mick Sullivan likes reading thrillers, daydreaming about Tabitha Slater, and teasing his archenemy, Boot Quinn likes playing his guitar, daydreaming about Tabitha Slater, and punching his adversary, Mick two eighth graders are rivals in every way, and with two fights in the first week of school, they've set the stage for a.

Carol Gorman (born February 16, ) is an American writer of children's fiction. She originally aspired to be an actress, and for a few years taught seventh grade at an Iowan middle school. Inspired by her husband and fellow author, Ed Gorman, she began writing in the mids.

I thought I would share a form I created for my daughters to use when doing a simple book review (repo. I have been meaning to put this on here for a good while.

I thought I would share a form I created for my daughters to use when doing a simple book review (repo. Carol Gorman is the author of many books for young readers, including Dork In Disguise, Dork on the Run, and A Midsummer Night's Dork. Ms. Ms. Gorman lives with her husband, writer Ed Gorman, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where she also teaches at Coe College/5(2).


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Book report on games by carol gorman
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