An outline of the various parts of an earthworm

Earthworms are found in wet soil containing rich organic matter. Yes, earthworms eat dirt, but most of the dirt moves through their body and is deposited as waste.

It is outer buldging part which extends from 3rd to 4th segment. The surface of the body wall is kept moist by the secretion of epidermis cells and coelomic fluid, which oozes out of the body through dorsal pores. It also extends from the one end to the other end of the body.

Worms and their digestion help to fertilize the soil and grow our food! The leucocytes kill the harmful germs which may enter the body of the earthworm. Absorbed nutrients reach the blood capillaries of the intestinal wall and circulate throughout the body.

earthworm dissection

The longitudinal muscles layer lies in long paralleled bundles. Turn the worm dorsal side up. Among the most familiar invertebrate animals are the earthworms, members of the phylum Annelida.

The nerves from the subpharyngeal ganglion supplies the different parts of 2nd and 4th body segments. Thus, the soil provides quick aeration and absorption of water, thereby the roots; of the plant get penetrated easily with water.

Excretory functions are carried on by nephridia, which are found in pairs in each body segment. It has five pairs of hearts. Look also for one pair of female genital pores on segment On one end is the the mouth which is covered by a flap, called the prostomium, that helps the earthworm sense light and vibrations.

Absorption of digested nutrients occurs in the intestine, especially in its typhlosolar region. Each bunch consists of a large number of nephridia. Morphology of Earthworm 3.assist the earthworm in moving and in clinging to the walls of its burrow.

4 pairs of bristles on each segment except the first and the last. coelom the space within the body wall. There are various the reason why you are searching for details about earthworm diagram with labeled parts, and surely, you are looking for new ideas for your purposes.

We discovered this on the web sources and we suppose this is one of several wonderful content for reference. The body earthworm's body is divided into about segments. Tiny bristles (plural setae, singular seta) appear in pairs on most segments of the earthworm's body. On one end is the the mouth (which is covered by a flap, called the prostomium, that helps the earthworm sense light and vibrations).

Earthworm Outline for Classroom / Therapy Use: earthworm - Earthworm Clipart. Earthworm Parts and Functions. Great Study Guide! STUDY. PLAY. Prostomium. covers mouth- pushes food into mouth. mouth. where food goes in using the muscular pharynx. Brain. help the earthworm move and cling to walls in its burrow.


Essay on Earthworm

opening of the intestine; pushes out all of the wastes. Sep 13,  · Nervous System of Earthworm Ganglion of ganglia.

It is the fused form of nerves. It is found in all segment. The nervous system of earthworm is well developed. It consists of 3 parts: 3 pairs of nerves arise from each segmental ganglion which supply to the various parts of segment, gut wall, body wall and other internal organ.


An outline of the various parts of an earthworm
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