An argument why australia should be federated

This American model was mixed with the Westminster system by which the Prime Minister and other ministers would be appointed by the representative of the British Crown from among the members of the political party holding a majority in the lower House. As telegraph lines and railway networks spread from border to border, communication and travel between colonies became easier and more common.

Politicians from the smaller colonies, in particular, disliked the very idea of delegating power to a national government; they feared that any such government would inevitably be dominated by the more populous New South Wales and Victoria.

Following the conference ofthe Canadian federal model was no longer considered appropriate for the Australian situation.

Why Australia should be Federated?

John Quick, a lawyer from Bendigo, suggested that the whole process should start again, but with the people electing delegates to a new conference, which would then write a constitution and put it back to the people at referendums. The federal government will accommodate for national requirements such as defense, and the state will for statewide requirements such as education.

It was not until the s when the percentage of the non-Indigenous population born in Australia began to exceed the number born in the British Isles, that people in the colonies began to consider themselves as something other than British.

The issue of free trade versus protectionism threatened to stand in the way of Federation for some time in the s. Bevan Edwards, indicated that the colonies did not possess enough men, arms or even ammunition to provide adequate defence. After some debate and argument in London it was passed. We will be common, not foreigners.

At that time, the colonies were more concerned with putting the interests of their own people first and the technology to ensure communication between the colonies had not yet been developed. Customs duties protected factories in the smaller colonies from goods made in factories in the larger colonies.

Ina conference was held in Corowa on the Murray River and attended by politicians from NSW and Victoria, business representatives from Melbourne and people from Victorian branches of the Australian Natives Association, an organisation which wanted federation.

Organisations were formed to help bring about federation.

Federation of Australia

This proposal provided the broad outline of a Federal government. As a result, Victoria had a gauge of 1. As a result, some changes were made to the proposed constitution and the vote was taken again.

During the s the Victorian government realised that goods from overseas and from other colonies were being produced at a cost which their own industries could not equal. People believed that these foreign workers took jobs away from them and caused their wages and working conditions to be lowered since the foreigners accepted substandard arrangements.

As the colonies became more established throughout the 19th century they began to develop stronger trade relations with each other. Such a cricket team in had beaten England in a Test match. Federal Council[ edit ] A serious movement for Federation of the colonies arose in the late s, a time when there was increasing nationalism amongst Australians, the great majority of whom were native-born.

Customs duties hindered trade between the colonies. The New South Wales government was particularly opposed to tariffs.Professionally written essays on this topic: Why Australia should be Federated? Refugees in Australia.

For and against Federation

Convention ofdealing specifically with refugees and rules for asylum. Australia should be one nation and it will be very good for all colonies and better for every one's future. Haris says: 13 Mar at PM.

Reasons for Federation, Federation and Australia's Constitution, Australia toSOSE: History, Year 9, NSW Introduction During the s, the seemingly radical idea of uniting Australia's colonies to form a single nation was conceived. Australia before Today Australia is one country, or nation, which is divided into six separate states and two territories.

Whilst Australia's official head of state is the British monarch, Australia now has its own parliaments and is basically an independent nation. Arguments For and Against Federation. In the early s, there was a lot of debate surrounding federation.

Some main arguments for federation included nationalism and uniting Australia, upgrading and unifying transport and communication systems, and uniting Australia’s defence forces for a more secure nation.1/5(3).

After some debate and argument in London it was passed.

Reasons for Federation

As a result, the Australian Constitution is in the form of an Act of the British Parliament. As it happened, Western Australia was not mentioned in the preamble to this Act, because Western Australia voted later than the other colonies and was too late to be included.

An argument why australia should be federated
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