A review of hitch a romantic comedy movie by andy tennant

I am divorced, he recently ended a relationship. Hitch uses the skills that he employs with his clients in trying to begin a relationship with Sara, but soon finds all his well laid plans backfiring.

But, when the movie that I intended to see was sold out I reluctantly considered seeing it. However, it would have been considerably more appropriate to be tagged as "from the director of Fools Gold," which was the mess of a movie that Tennant also put together.

Throwback Review: Hitch

Near the end of the movie Sara betrays Hitch in a huge way with the article. It shows a knack for what it takes to be single, with not a clue for what it takes to be a sweetheart. Maybe my now disappeared youthful optimism and the fact that I came in with low expectations were what helped shape my original reaction towards it.

Comment Or login with Facebook, Google or Yahoo! Here the necessary sentences are spoken quite soon, and with a good bit of wit. Hitch jumps threw hoops to impress her. Hitch is a nice rough draft for a movie that should have gone back for more rewrites before being filmed.

The best part of Hitch,is that it takes the high road on relationships. Jeffrey Donovan has a brief scene as your stereotypical male horndog.

Milo holds on a gun on a few different people, including his ex-wife Nicole. Get hitched to Hitch. The biggest problem with The Bounty Hunter, and trust me there are plenty to choose from, may be the tone of the film.

She plays hard to get because she is supposedly a realist. She asks what kind of trouble and lists a couple different issues, including "sex change kind of trouble? I thought it was interesting, funny, and had some heart. There could have been all kinds of opportunity for humourous situations having Hitch teach this guy some morals as well as about real love.

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Nothing comes of his and her interest in the enterprise, which is replaced by their flaws as the reason for their attraction. Perhaps the only true moment of heat that is generated from the two of them comes when they get into an argument and begin throwing food at each other.

Hitch was not terrible, but it was not wonderful. An Unauthorized Biography of the Filmmaker. It had aspects that worked and some that did not. I first saw Hitch when it came out about ten years ago.

And Stewart is really a great example of what is wrong with The Bounty Hunter. So I will always think of Hitch as the mental foreplay for a great relationship.

However, in my estimation it does have some flaws too. And while even that is handled relatively poorly OK, it was handled very poorlythe mystery angle keeps the story somewhat interesting. He may charge a fee The catch to all of this, and what keeps Hitch from being just another sleazy player, is that he coaches how to find love, not just sex.


Rated PG for language and some strong sexual references. It was not something that was on my radar as it seemed like just another romantic comedy.

Despite its charms, Hitch also makes a few slight missteps.

Andy Tennant

The movie also runs long for a romantic comedy nearly 2 hours and could easily have been trimmed. Right now I do not need a man like Hitch.

He wants these guys to succeed and spare them the pain he endured. The audience the night we saw the money was clapping, cheering and stamping their feet in approval."Hitch" turns out to be a pleasant surprise for a winter doldrums movie.

It is a well-written, nicely paced romantic comedy that puts the accent on comedy. Will Smith is first among equals in the ensemble cast with a screenplay by Kevin Bisch that tells several stories and deftly intertwines them.

Hitch is an American romantic comedy of a proud love doctor, who finally got stuck with the unbelievable tabloid journalist. The movie also runs long for a romantic comedy (nearly 2 hours) and could easily have been trimmed.

Michael Rappaport has a cameo appearance in the beginning of the film as Hitch's best friend. After this one scene, which should have been cut completely, his character never reappears. Check out Hitch () movie review, rating & box Office. Andy Tennant Top Action Movies Top Horror Movies Top Comedy Movies Top Romantic Movies.

Will Smith's easygoing charm makes Hitch the kind of pleasant, uplifting romantic comedy that you could recommend to almost anyone--especially if there's romance in the air. As suave Manhattan dating consultant Alex "Hitch" Hitchens, Smith plays up the smoother, sophisticated side of his established screen persona as he mentors a pudgy.

Indirector Andy Tennant apparently made a big mistake a good movie. Hitch was a bit of a romantic comedy surprise. While it isn't perfect by any means, it was one of the more fun and truly funny romantic comedies that stuck to the formula, but wasn't without its share of surprises.

A review of hitch a romantic comedy movie by andy tennant
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